John Patrick
Candidate for Maine State House District 115
“A working man who will work for all of us.”

Why I'm Running

About John


I was born and raised in the Rumford area, working in the paper mill and know the struggle families here face. I won't be bought and paid for, unlike some politicians and my campaign is fueled only by small-dollar contributions from our neighbors here in House District 115.

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Whether it was as a union president or a State Senator, I've never backed down from fighting for working people. Families here in House District 115 deserve better. I have the experience and the principles to lead us through these difficult times. I humbly ask for your vote this November 3rd.

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On the Issues


We are the only advanced nation not to have healthcare for all, even though we have several systems set up to deliver it (Medicare, the VA, Private Insurance, Medicaid, etc.) This issue is of critical importance to everyone here who's spent time in the mills. It is just unacceptable to ration care to some while elsewhere we overspend on inefficient, repetitious, or divisive healthcare systems. Making our loved ones choose between filling their prescriptions and keeping their lights on is is just plain wrong. Nationally, we need Medicare For All. On the state level we should continue to support the health insurance exchange of the ACA and work to expand health coverage to all Mainers. With the recent job losses due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is even clearer how important it is that health coverage be coupled with the person, not the job.

Environmental Protections

Environmental protections need to be fairly and vigorously upheld. State government can partner with local companies to create a sustainable, green economy. In Augusta I will fight so that any business that pollutes Maine will be held accountable. Maine can and should be a national leader in renewable energy and increased energy efficiency by building a clean energy economy. It’s what we're good at. This isn’t just good for the environment, but good for jobs in Maine too.

Aging in Maine

It is past time for a statewide comprehensive conversation about how we are aging. Planning for the next decade of the needs of older people, aging in place, healthcare, and transportation infrastructure will not only help us better serve our aging population, but make Maine a better place to live for all of us.


With a high school diploma and a Union job I was able to buy a home and raise a family. It's gotten tougher to find good jobs and our paychecks cover less. I know how hard it is for regular people to get a good job here. In the legislature I'll fight for a livable minimum wage, secure, permanent jobs, and protect workers' rights every step of the way.

Maine's Economy

A strong economy and good jobs are the foundations for a decent standard of living, a strong family, and a vibrant community. A strong economy helps to keep our young people close to home. I am committed to working for economic development and jobs, especially small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy. In these uncertain times we will have to do all that we can to help us build our business back up and get them running again. This is going to be an challenging time for state and local governments to maintain our core programs while meeting the surge in needs for our services. State and local resources will be strained. But we need to meet these challenges, and it will take hard work and creativity to do so.


People around here used to be able to make ends meet with a stable job and a high school degree. Now more than before, affordable education can provide opportunities for a better life. By supporting our public schools and universities, and expanding access to community college, vocational training and certificate programs, we can ensure graduates have the skills that match the job opportunities we have or can bring to Maine. Funding apprenticeship programs and fostering paid internship programs are critical to meeting that goal and will allow education to be affordable for everyone who has a dream they are willing to work to achieve.


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